For all 10 days of the event, for both security and control purposes, a personalized pass will be provided to every registered person, including players, staff, and companions. The pass will include the person’s name, team, nation, and a QR code. It grants access to the Opening Ceremony, Social Party, playing fields for participating or watching games, dedicated transportation from hotels to various locations, and back. Access will be denied without the pass.

 Yes, but only some hotels, in a limited number, and for an additional fee. It’s the “Peak Summer Season”, and there will be many tourists, making it challenging to find street parking near the beach, as all hotels are located by the seaside. It’s recommended to use the transportation provided by the organization.

 The Championship is named “OPEN” because participation is open to teams from outside of Europe as well. In the second phase, they will compete for the “Rest of the World” ranking.

 The official game ball is the FIMBA Spalding LEGACY TF1000, size 6 and 7. Yes, they will also be available for purchase at a price of €50 for new balls and €40 for used ones.

 Immediately after the registration deadline, the groups will be formed, and the draws will take place. The criteria for choosing the seeded teams for each category will be based on their placements in the last 3 FIMBA championships.

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