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Experience Visit PesaroVISIT PESARO!

A guided visit to explore the beauty of the city named “City of Culture 2024”. From ancient Roman history to the Museum of Ceramics and Art Gallery, from fascinating mosaics in the Cathedral to the Gothic church facades, from Villa Ruggeri in the Liberty style to the Sforza Fortress and the Ducal Palace. Moreover, Pesaro is the birthplace of Gioacchino Rossini, the world-renowned musician.
Without the official package: € 10,00 per person

Experience Visit UrbinoVISIT URBINO!

Urbino was the center of culture during the Renaissance, serving as the capital of the state of Montefeltro, and the birthplace of Raffaello Sanzio, one of the world’s most renowned painters. The Ducal Palace, a magnificent classical-style building, houses the Marches National Gallery, exhibiting the most important works of art in the Region.
PRICE PER PERSON (Guided Visit + Bus): € 20,00 per person
Without the official package: € 25,00 per person

Experience Visit GradaraVISIT GRADARA!

Relive the tragic story of the ill-fated lovers Paolo and Francesca in the old castles through poems, legends, and history, along with the story of the enigmatic magician, the Count of Cagliostro, condemned for heresy.
PRICE PER PERSON (Guided Visit + Bus): € 20,00 per person
Without the official package: € 25,00 per person

Experience EbikeE-BIKE TOUR!

Embark on an e-bike tour to discover the Natural Regional Park of San Bartolo, the first stretch of rugged coast along the Adriatic Sea heading north, characterized by two areas of great historic interest and stunning natural beauty. You’ll also visit a farm with vineyards to taste local wine.
PRICE PER PERSON (Guide + E-bike Rental + Wine Tasting): € 45,00 per person
Without the official package: € 55,00 per person


For lovers of typical products or those who want to discover the Marche region, try our guided tour and tastings of typical products, starting with wines from one of the charming wineries in the area. Enjoy a walk among the vineyards and olive groves of our hills while tasting our still, sparkling, or dessert wines, as well as our spirits and extra virgin olive oils.
PRICE PER PERSON (Guided Visit + Bus + Tasting): € 18,00 per person
Without the official package: € 22,00 per person

Experience TrekkingTREKKING EXCURSION!

Embark on a trekking adventure in the company of an Environmental Hiking Guide to discover the “Gola del Furlo”. You’ll reach an exceptionally valuable vantage point, allowing you to observe the entire Furlo Gorge, the green-blue waters of the Candigliano River, and the main peaks of the Pesaro Apennines in the background. If you’re equipped with binoculars, you may even catch a glimpse of the area where the golden eagles nest in the reserve.
PRICE PER PERSON (Trekking with Hiking Guide + Bus): € 29,00 per person
Without the official package: € 35,00 per person

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